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phone: 303-800-7175
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Centennial, CO 80112

Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most important service to improve the air quality in your house or business place is Air Duct Cleaning. This cleaning service is becoming a necessity in our fast growing and fast changing environment. We breathe this air every day and we should be in charge of the air quality.

There are several ways to control air quality starting with filter change on a regular basis, having maintenance plan for your furnace or air handler and as the main component of the whole routine having your air duct cleaned every 2 to 3 years. This will prevent dust piling inside of your air ducts and will not let you suffer from the consequences of polluted and just dirty air. Thorough air duct cleaning prolongs the life of your motor blower and AC coil. Here are some common benefits of keeping your vents, returns and main ducts in clean and neat condition:

• Removing unpleasant odors

• Doubling the lifetime of your air handler

• Savings on filter replacement

• Allergy Control

• Fresh and Clean air throughout your house or business

• Neat exterior look of vent registers

A good addition to air duct cleaning will be Disinfection or how we call it Sanitization of the your air duct system. We use organic sanitizer which is called Benefect and this particular disinfectant proved itself as the best fighter with germs, bacteria and duct mites. It kills 99% of it with the first application. Another reason to consider the disinfectant is that April 2, 2020 EPA added Benefect to their list N, which lists the products that kill COVID-19 and we all know how important it might be at the time.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Last, but not least, ProClean Cleaning Services Inc offers Dryer Vent Cleaning. This service is a key factor to prevent dryer vent fire in the house, which happens around 15000 times a year around US. Lint is a sticky substance and it sticks to the walls of the dryer vent which leads to clogging and obstruction of the air flow, so all this air that should travel outside of your house, comes back to your dryer machine. Heat created by your dryer makes moisture to transfer from your clothes into the air and then this air should transfer all this moisture outside of your house. That is why all the dryer vents are vented to the roof or the side of your home. Since it vented to the outside, it creates another problem – birds and animals. Birds will love your dryer vent and will build a nest there in a heartbeat, so we always make sure that you have a proper bird guard or pest barricade installed covering the access to your outlet. Every dryer vent cleaning is unique and we have a variety of tools such as brushes, air whips, blowers and air guns with compressed air to clean your dryer vent properly. We recommend to perform dryer vent cleaning every year. Here are some signs of clogged dryer vent and if you see these things happening in your house, please call us at 303-800-7175 to schedule your cleaning:

• Burning smell as soon as you start dryer machine

• Dryer Machines becomes hot to touch (especially on the top)

• Your laundry room is overheated

• You need several drying cycles to dry clothes

• You can hear some sounds inside of your dryer vent (chirping or scraping)

• No air is coming out from your dryer vent outlet

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