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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Complete Dryer Vent Inspection | CSIA Certified Technicians | Bird Nest Removal | Transition Duct Replacement | Bird Guard or Pest Barricade for Vent Caps Installation |

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    Lint is very combustible and it could easily become a fire starter in the house. It’s estimated that around 15000 fires starts annually due to the dryer vent fire. It is very important for every one of us to understand that this service is a must, not just some routine cleaning that could be forgotten. There is another problem associated with the clogged dryer vents, and this problem is called utility bill. You will pay double or triple of what You supposed to pay for Your utility bill when You try to dry clothes with the clogged dryer vent. You will need 2-4 drying cycles to dry the load completely.


    • You need several drying cycles to dry clothes
    • When You touch the dryer machine, You feel that it’s very hot and there is excessive heat coming from behind the dryer.
    • The temperature in Your laundry room is hotter than usual.
    • The clothes that come out of the dryer are hotter than normal.
    • You feel some burning smell when the dryer is on.
    • The dryer vent hood flapper outside doesn’t open when the dryer is on


    Here are some answers to most popular question:

    Who Needs Dryer Vent Cleaning?

    Everyone with the dryer machine in the house needs it, every dryer has a vent behind it. The main purpose of it is to get the moisture in the air out of the dryer. Your clothes won’t dry unless the air inside of the dryer machine is dry. All of our clothes generate lint and there is filter inside of every dryer to capture this lint. But little by little the lint finds its way through the filter to the vent, once it gets into Your dryer vent, it’s supposed to be moved with the airflow to the outside, but some lint starts to build up in the vent, covering the walls and exit area, piling in Your dryer vent and slowing down the air flow in the dryer vent. The slower the air flow in the vent, the more chances for the lint to settle inside of the vent. And at some point of time, Your dryer vent is completely clogged and not letting any air out.

    How Often Should I Have My Dryer Vent Cleaned?

    We recommend to clean the dryer vent every year, even if You do not notice any visible signs that it needs to be cleaned.

    Is there any preparation required prior to the cleaning?

    Nothing special, just make sure that there is a clear access to the dryer machine and have some free space around it. It might be helpful to unload the clothes from the dryer.

    Is It Messy?

    No, We’ll make sure that everything is neat and clean before we leave. Sometimes we find a build up of lint under the dryer or on the walls around and when it’s possible, we always try to remove it. Also, we may find some clothes, toys etc. under or behind the dryer (things that just magically disappeared), we will place it all in the bag and hand it to You when the cleaning is over.

    How Long Will It Take?

    Time of the cleaning process depends on the complexity of the job, it may take from 15 minutes up to 2 hours.

    Is It Done From The Outside or Inside?

    Every job is unique, especially with the dryer vent cleaning. We may do it from the inside only, we may do it from the outside only or we may clean it from both ways. The cleaning process always depends on several factors, such as the configuration of the dryer vent, complexity of the work (clogged or not clogged) and location of the outlet and the machine.

    Proclean prides itself on improving people’s quality of life. We provide stress free, friendly and professional cleaning experiences that give our clients more than just cleaning service. we become your friend in the cleaning industry. Everything we do is focused on professionalism and based on the needs and the objectives of our customer.


    Sofia Martinez

    ProClean cleaned my air vent system and carpet, I really like what they did and happy with the service. I have 3 kids and now I feel safe because I know that I have clean and healthy house. The price they told me on the phone did not change when they come to my house. ProClean is honest and good company

    Abigale Williams

    I used ProClean to clean my carpet, we thought we should give our carpet one last chance before we replace it. It was a shock for me and my husband how beautiful our carpet looked after the cleaning. We do not know exactly what soap or equipment these guys used, but whatever it is, it's working fine. These people are hardworking and we still enjoy our old carpet.

    Margaret Green

    I'm very pleased with ProClean's customer service, they always answered the phone and explained all the details of cleaning before they come to my house. Technician was Sam, great guy, polite and respectful, he knows what he's doing and my air ducts are spotless now. Sam showed me pictures before and after the cleaning, cleaned my filter as well. Very Nice Company, I'll recommend them to all my friends

    Andrew Miller

    We could not use our dryer machine, it took hours to dry anything. Before replacing it, we decided to give dryer vent cleaning company a shot and I'm glad it was ProClean. They took a whole garbage bag of lint out of the vent and now everything works fine. Not only we can dry our clothes now, but ProClean eliminated a fire hazard in our house 'cos these vents can easily catch fire. Thank You again for your hard work


    Our team is a team of skilled individuals who possess and reflect our core value with enthusiasm. By working together toward one common goal - offering our customers the best experience possible. We are setting the standard for quality, value and customer satisfaction


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