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phone: 303-800-7175
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Air Duct Cleaning includes cleaning of unlimited vents, unlimited returns and unlimited main ducts based on 2 systems in the house. Cleaning of 2 furnaces (walls and bottom) is included. If you have reusable or washable air filters, cleaning of the filters is included in the price


STEP 1 BEFORE THE PURCHASE: There are some things You need to remember before You made a purchase. You can buy multiple service within ONE order, but all these service will be redeemed within one service call. In case You intend to use different service at different times or in different houses, please purchase each services separately. Your purchase of our service could be used as a gift or used by anyone who will have order number assigned to You transaction, so make sure that Your order number is secure.


STEP 2 DURING THE TRANSACTION: You will be asked for Your email address, this is where the ORDER NUMBER will be sent, in case You don’t receive your order number, please call us at 303-800-7175 for assistance.


STEP 3 CHECKOUT: Since You are buying the service, but not a product, your SHIPPING ADDRESS is just a formality and we do not want You to be confused, that something will be shipped to Your house. Your ORDER NUMBER will be emailed to you once the payment is processed. DELIVERY OPTION has been preset for FREE DELIVERY.


STEP 4 AFTER PURCHASE: Please call or text us at 303-800-7175 to set up your cleaning and do not forget your ORDER NUMBER


With air duct cleaning service You will have much better quality of the air in the house. You will also notice significantly less dust on the surfaces all around the house. But there is more, You energy bill. It will benefit as well. Your air duct system with no dust or debris in it will run more efficiently and Your blower or coil will not be clogged. First, You save on reducing cost for heating or using air conditioning, secondly, You avoid costly repair bills for furnace break downs.


Certificate of Cleaning will be issued at the time of the cleaning. Once the service is completed, you will be able to request your certificate of cleaning via email or text message.


Once the order is placed, we are not able to refund You any money back and all of our sales are final and subject to no change or refund. Before You place Your order, make sure that we cover the area where You want the service. If You have a timeline or due date for the service needed, please check our availability first. If You have an existing appointment scheduled, You will need to cancel or reschedule Your appointment 24 hours prior the scheduled date by calling our Call Center at 303-800-7175, otherwise Your order will be redeemed in our system.


Your Order Number and its value will expire in 3 months since the purchase date if not redeemed. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy for more details


All extras that we have are absolutely optional as our air duct cleaning deal covers all 3 main parts of any air duct system: vents, returns and mains. Cleaning of coil or motor blower is not included. The need of air duct system sanitizer is determined and calculated by the technician and could be offered as an additional service.

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